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I Get It...

I Get It. When You First Started Your Small Business, You Didn’t Sign Up To Manage The Dreaded Small Business Owners’ Marketing Struggles And Understand Ever-changing Digital Trends.

BUT Online Marketing Is a Daunting Process not Just For You.

According To a Survey by Visual Objects, “21% Of Small Business Owners in The US Agreed That Generating High-Quality Leads are Their Biggest Struggle” When It Comes To Social Media Marketing. 

Other Major Struggles Include Content Creation, Increasing Engagement, Gaining New Followers….urgh! The List Is Endless. 

You might be wondering if getting yourself into this lengthy process is worth it…

The Answer: Totally Worth it!

"Digitally Advanced Small Business Generated 20 Times More Leads Compared To Digitally Behind Ones During Pandemic"

-Digitally Driven: 2021, Reports By Connected Commerce

You Might Be Wondering If Getting YourseIf Into This Lengthy Process Is Worth It…

The Answer: Totally Worth it!!

If you wanna stay in business, scale and build an empire, digital marketing is the way to go.

Now, you are SURE AS HELL you need to incorporate the latest digital marketing practices into

your business!

And I’m here to help you do that

With: simple and effective strategies that work today.

Without: the overwhelm, complications and burnout.

All I Need From Your Side IS


Free One-On-One Session:

3 Tried and Tested Ways To Generate Leads Using Social Media For Your Small Business

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Here's What I will Teach You In The Call

Secret #1

How To Generate a Massive Amount Of Nurtured Leads And Drive More Sales From Social Media

You don’t need any prior knowledge about social media.

We will discuss everything from choosing the best platform for your business, content creation and strategizing your content, setting specific goals to making a strong impact on social media.

This is not the same cookie-cutter content you get on Youtube but, truly effective strategies that you can start implementing right away after our call.

It’s easy, doable, and it works!

Secret #2

Leveraging paid advertising:

Your next step after organic marketing is to scale by investing in advertising.

I know paid ads on social media can sound risky.

But, here’s the thing: Running ads without a plan, and specific goal is like pouring money down the drain.

But, with a proven process, it’s the best investment you can ever make. I’ll teach you the exact process we use to run profitable ads on social media when we meet in our session.

This way, you will know the nuances of running ads, generating a predictable amount of leads, have control over your revenue and stay sane! 

Secret #3

Actionable strategies to generate leads from Facebook groups:

Yes, Facebook groups are the gold mine you haven’t dug into yet. You will know the the step-by-step process of monetizing Facebook groups by building a loyal customer base and promoting your brand.

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Crystal Ferren
Founder Of Forever Nannies

“I Used JL To Build a My Website For My Business. He Was Very Professional, Well Spoken, Organized, Respectful With Answering All My Questions. He had Everything Finished In Time Frame He Gave Me. His Pricing was Also Very Reasonable.

TC Bradley
Host Of God Made Millionaire TV

“JL is a Leader Who Produces Results. He is Highly Respected And Genius Marketer who Always Operates With Impeccable Integrity. He Has My Strongest Recommendation. He Gives 100% Of Himself In His Projects”

David Hucks
Founder Of Mogul Elite

“JL Ferren Is More Than a Web Administrator. He is a Mentor And Purposed Dude! His Keen Eye For Design And Work Ethic Is Unheard Of. His Work Far Exceeds His Website… He Is a Seasoned Web Designer Veteran And I Definetely Give Him 20 Thumbs Up”

This is an opportunity to seriously upgrade your business!
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Nice To Meet You!

I’m JL Ferren, Founder Of Net Impact Marketing, One Of The Leading Advertising Agency For Local Businesses In USA.

By Managing Your Marketing From Lead Generation To Conversion And Retention, We Specialize in Turning Your Vision Into Reality.

Listen, I Know How Devastating It Can Be To Spend Your Money And Time On Marketing Your Business Only To Not Get Any Significant Results.

I Have Tried It Once, But It’s Not Much Of a Successful Compaign, It’s Totally Justifiable.

Simply Because You Don’t Have The Specialized Knowledge And Expertise In Digital world.

Not Anymore

I designed This Free Session Keeping In Mind The Lead Generation Struggles Of Small Business Owners Just Like You.

With The Established Method That I Share With You In Our Call, You’re Gonna Change Your Marketing Game Forever.

It’s a Free Class But It Will Teach You More Than Most Paid Courses Do.

You Have Everything To Gain And Nothing To Lose!

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JL Ferren With TC Bradley on God Made Millionaire TV

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