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Do you need targeted email marketing services for your small business?

CEO and #1 Best Selling Author JL Ferren says “For me, it all comes down to quality over quantity. I’d rather have a list of 20 highly targeted quality leads that convert into sales and referrals, then 100 random leads that result in absolutely nothing.”

Imagine opening your email marketing system and seeing your click through rate much higher than the month before.

You were able to get more customers and  those customers are actually remaining loyal to your brand to the point where they either buy from you multiple times and/or refer others to do the same.

That is what targeted email marketing is all about.

What are targeted email marketing services?

Targeted email marketing services are about analyzing an email marketing campaign in such a way that you’re able to custom tailor your email messages with the customer in mind. Also, you’re able to create more of an actual journey for the customer based on their activity, with the intent of getting more engagement that results in sales and referrals.

Not implementing targeted email marketing in your business is like begging your list to view your emails as SPAM and Report it as such!


Because you’re sending emails to a list of people that simply aren’t as interested as you thought they were or they simply didn’t find what they were looking for.

You’ll know this is true when you see an increase in unsubscribe rates and a decrease in click through rates. If people are leaving as fast as they come and not even reading or taking action on your emails, then that’s a key sign that your list may not be as targeted as you think.

While there are a bunch of other factors that could be causing low customer engagement, you really won’t know for sure unless you start off by implementing targeted marketing practices and strategies.

Don’t believe the hype! Email Marketing Is NOT Dead!

Measuring Your Marketing Response Rates

Email Marketing Analytics is typically the first component we look at when we sit down with a company and identify where there weak and strong areas are.


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Well help you manage every aspect of your  email marketing campaigns:

  • Improve Customer Acquisition, So You Can Get More Loyal Customers and Subscribers
  • Examine and Improve Your Email Marketing Analytics, So You Can Increase The Click Through And Response Rate For Your Offers
  • Improve Customer Retention, So Your Customers Will Buy From You More and Refer Your Business To Family & Friends.

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It’s been said that “Numbers don’t lie” and when it comes to email marketing, this is so true. The numbers actually tell a story. People think if they don’t have a big list, then they shouldn’t expect a big response. There’s some truth to that, but there are many more important factors that relate to why the response rate of your emails are low.

Factor 1: Understanding Your Numbers

Factor 2: Strategy

Factor 3: Customer temperature

While there are many other factors that determine response rate, these three factors are the major factors that we hone in on to help grow a business and get realistic results that actually increase their profit margin.

How to get more people to open and click your emails

The main thing that measures the success of an email marketing campaign, is the click through rate.

At Net Impact Marketing, we like to keep things simple. It’s either you have a high click through rate or a low click through rate. This could be a good thing or it could mean something more problematic.

A high click through rate indicates that people are engaged and taking action.

A low click through rate indicates that people aren’t interested enough in what they’re reading and you didn’t do enough to get the “click”.

However, at the end of the day, the fact that you even have a click through rate (whether high or low) is a positive sign.


Because by having a click through rate, it means that the person you sent the email to actually had to open the email.

That’s the first goal of any email marketing campaign. To actually get the email opened. If you can’t get the email opened in the first place, then you can forget about a click through rate.

When it comes to opening an email, people need a reason. There are actually several reasons why someone would open an email.

According to, these are the most common:

Sender Name:

Your sender name should either be your name or the name of your business. If you’re not sure which one to use, go with whichever is more brand worthy. Obviously if you’re trying to build the brand of your business, then you’ll want to go with that.

However, if you’ve made a name for yourself and your own name has an impeccable reputation, then it may be best to use that.

People already know, like, and trust you.

Subject Line:

You’ve probably heard this touted as the best thing to focus on when it comes to increasing your open rate and it makes sense only if you know you have a targeted email list of loyal subscribers.

However, if you don’t have a targeted email list, then your subject line is irrelevant.

With that said, you need to ensure your subject lines serves one purpose. To grab attention that results in an actual open.

If you have boring subject lines, even your most loyal subscribers might scroll right past it.

Write subject lines that grab attention by address a problem your audience might be having, peaking their curiosity, raise a few eyebrows, etc.


You can’t just send offers and that’s it. Even if the subject line says “30 % Off On Your Next Order”. As great of a deal as that might be, it doesn’t mean people will open that email.

Unless, you’ve established a relationship with your list and they’re the right temperature (more on that below), then your offer won’t do much but annoy your subscribers.

Intro Paragraph:

The first sentence of the intro paragraph can be seen and it’s basically a preview of what the person is about to read. This is just as important as the subject line. There have been many times where the subject line may not have been all that enticing, but the first sentence of the intro paragraph got the reader to click to see what the email was about.

Expected Length:

Do you write short emails or long emails? You might thing if you right short emails that you’re not giving enough information. On the other hand, you might thing that by writing long emails, that you’re giving too much information. You might even thing that your boring your subscribers.

Short emails that offer no substance and a bunch of hype will result in low click through rates. If you’re known for doing that, then your subscribers won’t even bother opening your emails. Eventually this could result in them unsubscribing from your list.

Long emails that are boring and offer no substance or solution to a problem will result in low click through rates. Just as with short emails with no substance and a bunch of hype, you’ll still get subscribers who will get tired of reading your emails and they won’t bother to open it. Again, this could result in subscribers unsubscribing from your list.

So which is better, Short Emails or Long Emails?

Honestly, short emails and long emails work great… as long as you provide VALUE. Your emails need to have substance, be interesting, and even solve a problem. However, the core of whether or not someone will read your email is your ability to provide value.

Back to the email click through rate

Now that you understand the reasons why someone would open an email, your focus is on the click through rate.

You want to ensure that you take full advantage of the fact that you’ve got their attention. However, keep in mind time is of the essence. You only have 3-7 seconds to justify the reason that they opened the email in the first place. If you can justify their reasoning and show that what you have to say is worth their time, then they’ll be more inclined to click the link inside your email, reply to the email, or simply take you up on that offer.

It’s all about the value you provide. Can they actually gain something by clicking the email, without clicking the link? That actually helps because if they gotten value out of simply reading the email, then the conclusion is that there could be even more value by clicking the link within the email. Does that make sense?

Understanding the Importance of Email Marketing Strategy

One of the major components we offer when it comes to our targeted email marketing services is “Strategy”. Strategy is key in all facets of marketing and if you don’t have one, then you’re doomed to fail.

Sending sales emails saying “Buy our product!”, “Buy our Product!”, “Buy our product!” is not strategy. It’s just annoys your list.

When we sit down with you to discuss strategy, we closely examine where you are now and where you realistically want to be.

Then we come up with a “common sense” plan that shows the steps you’ll need to take to get there. This plan is simple, comprehensive, and contains realistic methods you can implement to for your business to actually get more engagement from your customers.

The intent behind this strategic plan is for the increased engagement to cultivate a business relationship with your list, increase brand loyalty, referrals, and overall revenue for your business.

Understanding Hot Warm Cold Leads

When it comes to email marketing and growing your email list, you have to understand the temperature of the audience you’re marketing to. You need to know whether that audience is cold, warm, or hot.

Cold audiences are people who have no clue who you are. They never heard of you. They never heard of your product. They have an interest in what you have to offer, but they haven’t come close to the point where they can trust you.

With this audience, your goal isn’t to go in for the sale. I realize that sounds a little strange, but they’re not ready yet. You have to cultivate the relationship, so you want to start off with something a little more subtle than the sale. You want to give them valuable insight and information. They need to gain something from that information.

If they can’t see the gain in the information you present, then they’ll either never subscribe to your list…. Or if they do subscribe, then you won’t see much engagement.

Value is what increases engagement.

Warm Audiences are people who have heard of you. They heard about your product. They have a general interest in what you have to offer. However, they haven’t made a purchase yet.

With this audience, your goal isn’t to bombard them with emails saying “buy our product, buy our product, and buy our product!!” This is an old school approach that worked in the past and still may work here and there, but for the most part it turns a Warm lead to cold. They’ll either ignore your emails or simply unsubscribe.

Yes, you need to go for the sale. But there is a way you have to go about it and again building the relationship is key.

Hot Audiences are people who know, like, and trust you. They know about your product and they have actually purchased your product.

This isn’t the time to forget about them. Keep giving them valuable insight, information, and offers.

With this audience, your goal isn’t to bombard them with more sales emails. Your goal is to continue cultivating the relationship. Yes, you still want to send them sales emails here and there, so they can buy more of your product(s). However, you want them to be happy while on your list. You want them to refer others to join your list.

A referral is one of the quickest ways to convert a cold lead into a hot lead.

Take care of your list and they will take care of you.

If you’re ready to get started right now, then go ahead and apply for a 1 on 1 consultation regarding our targeted email marketing services. We’ll discuss your current email marketing practices, analyze your list, and even identify the strong and weak points of your campaign.

More importantly, you’ll leave the consultation with a plan in hand on what you can do to grow your business through email marketing. Call me at 703-829-7344 or Click here to get started now!

Apply Now For Our Targeted Email Marketing Services

Well help you manage every aspect of your  email marketing campaigns:

  • Improve Customer Acquisition, So You Can Get More Loyal Customers and Subscribers
  • Examine and Improve Your Email Marketing Analytics, So You Can Increase The Click Through And Response Rate For Your Offers
  • Improve Customer Retention, So Your Customers Will Buy From You More and Refer Your Business To Family & Friends.

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Limited Time: Complimentary Email Marketing Plan included

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