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Every Successful Marketing Campaign Starts With A Vision!

CEO and founder of Net Impact Marketing, JL Ferren takes vision seriously. He specializes in not only understanding the vision for a website and marketing funnel / campaign, but expanding it above and beyond what most can see to create the right type of impact that you’re clients will look for.

Listen to the short interview clip below as JL Ferren talks about vision when he was featured on God Made Millionaire TV before 200 nations and 93 Million homes in the United States on The Word Network!

Turn Leads Into Customers

Anyone and I mean anyone can generate leads online. However, all leads aren’t created equal, which is why we’ll ensure you’re attracting the type of leads that actually turn into profit for your business. There are many companies out there who solely focus on lead generation, but leave out the conversion aspect, which is more important than generating hundreds of leads.Quality over quantity is our main objective for your business!

Branding With Purpose and Content

Branding is often one of the most overlooked and under utilized concepts for online coaches. It certainly takes time and patience. But it also takes the right approach. Our approach is simple.  We tie your brand to your purpose and position you to produce quality content, whether through our advertising services or through our services that can help you publish a book or get you on television in front of 200 nations!

Cultivate The Customer Experience

Bounce Rate! Do you know what yours is? This is the rate at which your customers will leave your website after so many seconds, minutes, or hours. It’s very important to have a low bounce rate. The longer a customer sticks around, the more likely they are to do business with you. What’s the secret? Cultivating a profitable customer experience and that’s exactly what we can do for your business!

We Will Turn Your Vision Into a Reality!

When JL Ferren appeared on God Made Millionaire TV, he had some closing thoughts on Vision for the 200 nations that his show was being broadcast to. This is where his heart is at when it comes to working with your business… 

High Quality Design and Structure

Quality is one of our highest priorities when it comes to designing websites. We want to ensure you are happy with the design from start to finish and we will ensure to go above and beyond to make that happen! Quality is something we will never ever sacrifice.

Mobile Friendly Web Experience

It’s all about your visitors having a user friendly experience. That should happen, no matter if they’re using a Computer, a tablet, or their mobile phone. We never want to slack on quality when it comes to web design. Your website will always be responsive to how visitors actually engage with content today.

Website/Marketing Foundation

It’s one thing to have a nice looking website. It’s another thing to have a nice looking website that converts leads into customers. When we design your website, we keep marketing at the forefront of our mind to ensure the foundation is results driven at all times.

A Few Websites We Have Designed For Clients

What people have to say about JL Ferren

“JL is a LEADER who produces results. He is HIGHLY respected and is a genius marketer who always operates with impeccable integrity. He has my STRONGEST recommendation!”

“I used JL to build a website for my business. He was very professional, well spoken , organized, respectful, helpful with answering all my questions (which was a lot), and patient. He had everything finished in the time frame he gave me. Those are all the things I look for when hiring someone. His pricing was very reasonable as well. I would definitely recommend him to help with your business. Thanks again JL. You are truly an amazing person!”

“JL Ferren is more than a web administrator, he is a mentor and “purposed” dude! His keen eye for design and incredible work ethic is unheard of. He gives 1000 percent of himself in his projects. Oh, and his work far exceeds his websites…. He is a seasoned web designer veteran and I definitely give him 20 thumbs up!”

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