Are you making this major website conversion mistake?

In this post, we’ll talk about how to increase your website conversion rate, so you can get more residential leads for your home service business. If you’re making the mistake I’m about to discuss, then you might be destroying your profit potential. However, don’t worry because I’m going to show you how to fix it!

“I couldn’t believe my eyes… What were they thinking??”

Let’s begin…

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a reputable
HVAC Company making this one crucial mistake.

What were they thinking?

They were probably thinking the same thing I thought years ago
when I first started out in marketing…

I always thought quantity was the key.

Get as many eyes on your offer as possible and BOOM, you’re good to go!

More like… KABOOM!







Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.
It was a harsh and costly lesson for me to learn,
but the reality was that it all came down to a click!

That’s what I noticed about this HVAC company.

Literally one click and I’m almost certain
it’s destroying their conversion rate.

One click that’s just destroying their maximum profit potential.

One click that turns visitors away instead of turning
them into leads and then customers.
It’s crazy how something so simple can have such
an impact on profit margin, but it’s pretty significant.

I’ll share with you exactly what I observed in a moment…

A Simple Way To Higher Conversions

How do you get higher conversion rates for your website?

There are actually many ways, but I’ll focus on one for now…

It actually boils down to one word…


Someone else may prefer to use the word… compatibility.

So here’s my question for any business:

Does your marketing campaign(s) have 360 degrees of compatibility?

Meaning, is it congruent all the way around.

Are your Facebook ads congruent with the message on your page?

I was reviewing an HVAC website today
and I saw a banner ad that said something
about an Electrician coming out to your home for free.

I was like, “Ok that sounds pretty cool”.

As I clicked the banner, the next page said,
“For $100 you can have an electrician come to your home and perform an inspection…”

Immediately my red flag goes up…

And it’s not because of my background in marketing.

I’m looking at this from a consumer point of view….

You tell me I can get an electrician for free on the banner,
then it cost me over $100 when I click through to see
how I can get the electrician to come by for free.

The job of any online ad:

Now, I will say that the banner ad did it’s job… It got the click!

In fact, that is the job for any ad…

to get the click from a qualified potential buyer.

However, the message was not congruent whatsoever
and I know if I was actually wanting to inquire about
this service, I would probably look elsewhere.

Not because I couldn’t afford the deal, but because
it was misleading and not what I expected.

Do you want to know how to increase your conversion rate and get more residential leads for your home service business?

It’s simple! Your ads must be congruent.

Here are 3 tips on how to make your Facebook ads more congruent:

  1. Color Scheme – The colors in your ad should either be the same as your website or at least complement it well enough to where it’s not a significant difference. Yes colors have meaning and if you have a variety of different colors, then you could send mixed messages.
  2. Imagery – The images that you use in your advertising should be the same or at least compliment your website. Therefore, if you use an actual person in your advertising, and then I click on it, only to see a bunch of equipment and no people, that’s not really congruent. Now if I click and you show the person interacting with the equipment, now we’re in business.
  3. Message – The message is probably the most important element when it comes to being congruent. If your message is saying one thing on your ad and another thing on your website, you can almost guarantee that you won’t see favorable results. In fact, you might lose a lot more money than you planned on making if you don’t catch it in time.

Let me show you an example:

Bad Congruency

Let’s say someone clicked this ad:

Then after they click the ad, they are taken to this page:

You might be thinking… “Well JL what’s wrong with this?
I mean we are getting as many people as we can to click the ad
above so they can get to this page. Maybe they could care less
about the 10 warnings and just really would like a free quote”

If that’s what you’re thinking then you’re dead wrong.

You may be lucky enough to get a few quote requests here and there,
but for the most part you’ll probably find that more people are clicking
off the this page than not…

It took me some time to grasp this concept and
because of that, I often got low conversion rates.

It was a tough and costly lesson to learn and the lesson was this:

If people clicked the ad, then it’s the ad that piqued their interest.

Therefore, when they get to the page that the ad wants them to be on,
the message, look, and feel needs to be as congruent as possible,
so there reason for clicking is justified.

If it is more congruent, then they’ll be more inclined to see what you have going on.

This is where higher conversion rates come into play.

Good Congruency

Again, let’s say someone clicked this ad:

Then after they click the ad, they are taken to this page:

When they visit this page, they’ll be more likely to stick around longer.


Because you gave them exactly what they wanted, hence the reason they clicked the ad.

If you notice on the side, we actually still talk about how they can get a free quote.

However, the main thing I want you to see
is the fact that we are giving them value in advance.
Value that they can use to determine whether or not
their AC Unit really does need to get replaced.

Now when people sign up for a quote, you are
going to be working with a different quality level of
people who likely need your product, versus people
who are just browsing around and not to sure if they
even want a new ac unit.

Not only that, but the ad matches the page based
on imagery and message. So congruency is in play here.

The overall goal is to get high quality leads
at a high conversion rate, instead of low quality leads
at a low conversion rate.

The goal of any ad is quite simple. The click!

If you can get the click, then the ad did it’s job.

Many business owners get this confused and
think that their ad is supposed to do the selling.

I thought the same thing until I found out how difficult it is
to convey a proper sales message in a small 300 X 300 ad or
even a short video.

While it’s not impossible, it adds an unnecessary layer of difficulty.

And if your message isn’t congruent, your basically paying
for people to visit your website with little to no return.

You can forget about high conversion rates and profits.

Congruence is critical!

It’s so critical, that if you’re not doing it, it can literally destroy your profits with a single click!

To Your Success,

JL Ferren
Digital Marketing Consultant

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