About JL Ferren

My name is JL Ferren and I’m an Digital Marketing Consultant in Prince William County, Virginia with a passion for helping local businesses establish a strong online presence and building online marketing campaigns that get profitable results. I want your business to succeed online which is why I will be doing much of the heavy lifting and navigating the waters of developing and deploying marketing campaigns that can yield great results and that can have an immediate impact on the growth of your business.
 ​​However, this will be a collaborative effort.

I also specialize building websites that are high quality, user-friendly, and properly mainted/managed. This is why I’ve taken the extra step of hosting all of my clients on my private cloud server. It’s reliable, secure, and monitored 24/7.

​​My lovely wife and 3 children are the fuel that keeps me pushing day in and day out, so understand that I have an unyielding desire to succeed and to help your business do the same!

My  Official Certifications

Paid Traffic & Customer Acqusition

We will take an in-depth look at your business, your product(s)/service(s), and your customer base to structure campaigns that get results, won’t break the bank, and that can have an immediate impact! My specific goal will be to create a realistic plan we can follow that will be focused on building your brand and getting more sales from new and exisitng customers. Learn More

eCommerce Marketing

The most successful and profitable eCommerce websites in this day in age need to be optimized for design, architecture, customer engagement, and traffic generation. We can help you build a sustainable system that can position you to compete on a global scale and maximize your profit potential. Learn More

Content Marketing

Content is King! If you have a business then you need to raise awareness and build your brand in such away that your customers walk away fully informed about your business. You want them to know without question that you’re the ultimate solution. We can help you create a content straegy that builds trust, value, and that builds your brand in a way that has a lasting impact starting now and into the future. Learn More